I'm making the game you were
dreaming about for years...

A free MMORPG on a single persistent infinite open world with strategy, real economy, crafting, engineering, competitive gameplay and a strong social system

Built for you, led by the community

fight. conquer. build

Imagine a world that combines the stimulation of competitive fighting, the freedom of building anything you dream and the challenge of leading an kingdom constituted of real players.  

Deiva – War Online is the first MMO playable on your mobile and PC where the action takes place on a single persistent open world populated with thousands of players who fight for the glory of their nation.

Fight as a powerfull mage, a fearless knight or a sacred druid through a team based fighting gameplay which reward the skill and the ability to think as a group. In Deiva – War Online, your party becomes your best weapons, be ready to create friendships with your brothers in arms as they will fight to protect your life.

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More about the game features


  • 3 character classes
  • Team gameplay
  • Conquering POI
  • Primitive looting

From January 2020


  • Advanced looting
  • Cities and villages
  • Chat and guilds
  • Trading

From June 2020


  • Crafting and engineering
  • Biomes
  • PvE and Quests
  • Fully editable world

From January 2021

be part of the game development

As a contributor you will have access to premium features once the game is released and you will get a special rank, visible by all the players.

By having the contributor rank, you have access to private discord server to chat in real time with the team

You also get an access to the development server and you can join alpha and beta testing phases before anybody.

Subscribe to get the contributor rank:

  • Premium features
  • Private discord access
  • Play to new releases before everybody
  • Special social badge

who i am ?

Jean-Baptiste Briant at Quantic Jump Villa with a beautiful weather
Jean-Baptiste Briant at Quantic Jump Villa with a beautiful weather

I’m a 30 years old self-taught developer expat in Thailand.

I live in Quantic Jump Villa, a co-living community on Koh Samui: we are entrepreneurs creating big things everyday, the energy and momentum here are incredibly powerful.

I’ an expert in mobile and web app development, mastering JavaScript both on server and client side.

Making video games is my lifelong dream and I learn to code during the past 10 years to be able to fulfill this dream.

what does people say about me

"Jean-Baptiste is a very creative person who generates 1000 new ideas per second and has the skill to achieve them."
"JB, a beautiful meeting: honesty and simplicity. An open minded human with a great sense of humor."
"Jb has strong programming skills, he can discover a new tech and master it in a few days."
"Jean-Baptiste is intelligence combined with intuition. What I like is the depth of exchange that we can have when we are together. It is rare to meet people as invested and present in the now. And it is specifically the talent of JB, who can really listen to the other with great kindness and empathy. At the professional level, he is equally invested. In the same way as in the exchange, it's like he is creating a bubble around him that nothing can disturb. He can be very serious and professional just as light and fun when it's time. I recommend without hesitation to work with him because he is a nourishing being, full of ideas and talents. It is a pleasure to work with him."
"Jean-Baptiste is an amazing craftsman developer but also a friend that I esteem enormously, always ready to help"
"Jean-Baptiste is efficient, rigorous and punctual in his work. I am delighted with the project accomplished!"
"JB is a fast executer. he can do in 1 day, what other people do in a month. Its great curiosity allows him to master the latest technologies."

You want to work with me ?

i have something to give to you

Entertainement and fun

I stream everyday, I have an outgoing personnality and enjoy interact with viewers. I start my day by streaming game development from 9am ECT.

Impact the game

The philosophy of the game is to be led by players economically and politically.
As a early supporter, your voice is eared, your ideas are valuable

Be part of a community

I'm actively building a community of streamers, players and game developers. Join us on discord to enjoy sharing with great people.

Do you want more ?

Discover the world

I live in one of the most beautiful and inspiring place on that planet. Join me to discover life in Thailand.

High value knowledge

Do you want to be paid 550 USD a day?
You love playing games but did you know you could actually make money from your passion ?

Inspiration and mentoring

You want to learn? You can become my mentoree and benefit from my expertise for free.
Places are limited as my time is.

Get a preview of me on twitch live stream

some great inspiring people

Click on the images below to discover source of inspiration for Deiva – War Online

"Pokemon Fanart" By Minor Maitland

"Dragon ball Fanart" By Minor Maitland

"Arcanine" By Minor Maitland

"Meteor in the Sky" By Dominik Mayer

"Storm Phoenix" By Dominik Mayer

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