Why streaming gamedev has been the best decision ever in my last months

Fr33maan explaining the gameplay and gamedesign of Deiva - War Online to 20+ viewers

Live coding has been the best choice I made for a long time, maybe one of the best in my entire life…

wrong idea 1: as a new streamer you will be alone

I started live streaming the development of my master piece 5 weeks ago and it was a big turn in my way of living.

First I thought I would be alone, with 2 or 3 viewers if lucky, it was most a way of slowly build a community, I really believed it would be slow and hard to get viewers attention and to keep them on my channel. I’ve heard stories of streamers sticking with 2 viewers for months before getting a decent growth.

The stats of the minecraft streamer Philza - from nowhere to glory
Philza before dying on its 5 years old hardcore minecraft world sticked on average 5/9 viewers for 2 years...

But I was ready for this, I was seeing plenty of streamers being alone in their stream, just playing video games and enjoying it so I just decided to be myself, not paying attention to numbers and just trying to entertain 1 people if there was one. 

It turn out that I was completely wrong

wrong idea 2: People come first for the content

People were really interested in my lifestyle and they came since day one, by dozens. I’m a french expat living in Thailand and making video games so I guess many people would be happy to do the same so they enjoy watching me. 

By the first day I met incredible people, we had great chat, lots of fun and it was real friendships starting there. The second day they showed up again, more came and we had great discussions on video game and development.
We shared about the game’s gameplay and they brought new ideas to the game.

Fr33maan explaining the gameplay and gamedesign of Deiva - War Online to 20+ viewers
Me explaining to 20+ peoples how the game is working and the current development state.

My wish was to find contributors and that dream became true. At first I thought it would be a job, a business but it turned out that it was a lot more.

Some viewers became regulars, showing up every single day and speaking with me or together. We had fun together but also sharing daily life struggles like unemployment, training or even relationship issues.

People are actually coming to be part of a community rather than for the content itself.

The chat quickly became a group of friends who enjoy spending time together. Some people were coming on the stream not because of the content but because of me and the community.

It’s much more than anything I could have expected.

viewers will become friends and a strong support

One of the most important part for me is that I get a great support. It’s so motivating to have people everyday whom says you “I’m so hurry for the game to be playable” or something like “great job, great project!”. All this words make my day, everyday.

Now that I’m leading a community, I feel the responsibility to be here for people and I know they are waiting for my stream, they actually make joke of me when I’m late in the schedule and often ask where is the game development state when they have been away for few days. It’s a great relationship between us, I love it!

The support is not only emotional, it is also financial. Even if that’s only 2 hours of work at my normal rate, earning money by leading a community and entertaining people is new for me, very rewarding and totally awesome !

my subs and stats after 5 weeks of streaming
So far I have 15 subs, 2757 bits, 18 USD and 250 followers.

People don’t only give with money. Natach4tte, one of the most regular viewer is a graphic designer and made my overlays and panel, for free, just because he enjoys contribute to the project.

I didn’t know what kind of people I would attract, actually people from 17 to 46 came to the stream. Some experienced developers come give advice to younger, we discuss about tech and how to get your foot in the industry.
We also have designers like Natach4tte.

To conclude, streaming is a very rich experience, not only fun but also rewarding in many ways. If I knew it, I would have started few years ago.
It’s clearly one of the best decision of my entire life. I met people who became friends and founders of Deiva – War Online, the game I’m working on and that’s awesome.

I want to thank again all my viewers and friends who support me, I do it everyday and I will continue to thank you.

With love 💓 Fr33maan

If you are a game developer and want to share about your game, come to my stream and show us some content.

Why streaming gamedev has been the best decision ever in my last months

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