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Jean-Baptiste Briant

Jean-Baptiste Briant at Quantic Jump Villa with a beautiful weather

I’m Jean-Baptiste Briant, 30 years old living in Thailand at Quantic Jump VillaI’m a developer, expert in JavaScript which I use to make web, apps and back-end.

Making video games is my life-long dream and I learn to code for that specific reason. I’m now free of doing it, full time and I have the skill to make it real.

I’m an outgoing person, sensitive, talkative and I really enjoy laughing and happiness. I’m interested in how the world run and in the nature of the human mind. I’m stimulated by freedom, creation of tools and systems.

Julien Benezech

Julien Benezech is an easy going and relaxed person

I’m Julien Benezech, 34 years old living in Toulouse, France.

I’m a 3D modeling teacher and passionated about video games.

The life story of jean-baptiste

Once upon a time, in a beautiful city in the south of Franceborn a special child. Not he was special because bigger or smaller, uglier or more beautiful, he was special because that’s how his mom was seeing him. Monique was astonished by the miracle which just happened, a small human of 3.7 kg just went out of her body after 9 months of being the matrix of this incredibly fast cells agglomeration. Now she was cuddling that small creature with all her love…

Monique was a very sensitive person, her heart was warm and she was kind with everyone. Maybe the fact she lacked love when she was a child made her understand how much precious it was for humans to feel beloved… As a result, she was willing to raise her child in the best way she could do, bringing her son to music workshop, walking in the forest and teaching him how to do bicycle.

As he was growing up, time to go to school came. She decided to send her beloved son to a “Montessori” school with modern pedagogic methods.
It’s the first strong memory of Jean-Baptiste. He was able to spend his day with friends, building legopainting, learning how to set up a table, playing with sounds, colors, smells. Jean-Baptiste was free to move anywhere at any time of the day. It was incredibly rich in emotions and that feeling of freedom would remain forever in its memory…

Antoine, the father of Jean-Baptiste was a self-taught trader. Expert in the mechanisms of the market, he was creating a business from nowhere, alone, by the power of its motivation and self-confidence. Antoine was an early user of computers and its laptop, a dinosaur running on MS-DOS, was a great source of enjoyment and curiosity for Jean-Baptiste. His dad’s laptop was its first experience in the IT world…

Antoine’s business was running good and soon the small family had to move to the capital city: Paris. For Jean-Baptiste it was a shock: he had to leave all its friends, his beloved fiance Celine and move from a house with delicious strawberries in the backyard for a flat at the 4th floor of a building.

But the most difficult change was at school. Freedom time was over. The century old educational method of french government was its daily struggle. 30 child in a small classroom. No garden, no forest and no place for self discovering. Baa baa baa

French school transform children in sheeps
French school transform children in sheeps

Time was going on an Jean-Baptiste started to get used to this city lifestyle. He had a new fiancee: Vedrana, a funny girl coming from the ex URSS. At the age where boys were playing football, his goal in life was to feel the passion of love! That very sensitive boy was enjoying when his fiancee was kissing him on the mouth. That was shocking for all their friends “ahhhh disgusting !!!!” was shouting children around them! But they were happy together and it was the most important thing in the world at that time.

Antoine met someone who changed radically the life of his son. It was a colleague and almost a friend. During a diner where Jean-Baptiste went with his dad, he discovered the PlayStation of Antoine’s friend. It was the first time Jean-Baptiste could play a 3D game. He played a long time at rage racer and he looked his dad’s colleague playing Abe Exodus. Antoine was really surprised by the quality of graphics, he didn’t know it was possible to do such a performance with a console. 

As jean-Baptiste was really entertained by the experience, Antoine decided to buy a PlayStation to its lucky son, this was a big change in the life of Jean-Baptiste, a change which will last forever.

His first games was tomb raider, V-Rally and Ace Combat. Soon the collection grew with Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Ace Combat 2, Ace Combat 3, Rayman, Tekken, GTA and soon a game changer came: Metal Gear Solid. Jean-Baptiste was finding again the freedom of movement, the freedom of choosing a tactic to defeat the enemy or pass a stage. 

He was so focus on the story, totally immersed in the dark ambiance of the game that he could wake up during the night and go tell his dad how he gonna kill that soldier or defeat that boss.

Metal Gear Solid was definitively the experience which convinced him that making video games was his destiny.

Antoine was still really interested by new technologies and the upcoming of “High Speed” internet (read 512 kbps here) was something really exciting. Realize that we could now have unlimited data, 10 times faster than before ! Antoine bought a computer to Jean-Baptiste, a Pentium 3, 533MHz with a 3D Voodoo graphic card, blazing powerful and fast! Graphics was stunning and Jean-Baptiste been able to discover another incredible video game experience: The Nomad Soul…

Quantic Dream, the studio which made this game, has made an incredible job. Realize, we are in 1999, you have a video game in 3D, Third Person in an open world. You can enter in buildings, drive or take taxi, you have RPG stats to increase to win in fight scene in a tekken style, FPS shooter phases where you have to manage your weapons and ammo, dialog with choices, different way of progressing in a sort than starting the game again can be a totally different experience in term of scenario with an OST Jean-Baptiste still listen 20 years later… 

That game was a gem which inspired a lot Jean-Baptiste.

Some of the games he loved the most

While Jean-Baptiste was a teenager he discovered how much it was important for people to feel superior to others. People was mean to each other and it was fun for them. He meet people from the richest to the poorest, enjoying discovering new state of mind and new lifestyles. But he never felt home anywhere, everybody was just corrupted by money and power either they had a lot of it or none was the same.

Jean-Baptiste took some bad habits like smoking, basically copying/pasting other like many teenagers was doing, just to feel part of a group and almost no relations were sincere as people were more focus on social status than sharing life experiences. At that time, Jean-Baptiste gave up its dream to create video games as people told him it was hard and non profitable, he started then studies in sales and management.

His first job was to sell natural soap from Aleppo, it was a very rich experience where Jean-Baptiste developed his social skills: he was now able to sell a product to someone he didn’t know 1 hour before. But due to some hierarchy issue and the boredom of always doing the same thing everyday, he was not feeling so good in this job after 1 year.

Luckily Antoine was creating its 4th company and as they were getting closer in their relationship, Antoine offered Jean-Baptiste to join the new team: he would learn everything about the financial markets and how is ruled the money which rules the world. Basically, the money of pensions and savings (your money) are invested in the economy and rich people manage that money by taking a very high commission. Disgusting.

One day Jean-Baptiste discovered an article about gold farming in WoW, he was stun to discover than people was actually making money while playing video games and that chinese people could sell virtual gold to american people. The article stated was the black market of gold farming was evaluated to 2 Billions USD… “WTF! They told me it was a non-proftable industry but a black market in a MMORPG can generate over 2 Billions USD ?!” he thought.
From that day, Jean-Baptiste understood that making a career in video game industry was a good choice.

At his father’s company, he had the opportunity to work with the IT guy because they had to create a internal software, it was its first relationship with databases, he had to create a data model suitable for MySQL. At that time he started to study HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP during the night time. Self-teaching is hard, you need patience, perseverance, curiosity, tenacity, ambition and motivation. But he was free to learn the way he wanted and that was his way to learn since he had been in pre-school at Montessori.

He started to work on a web browser based version of the game in PHP but he discovered minecraft and thought it would be easier to make a server with plugin so he learnt Java. After a while he started to make the back end of its minecraft server and discovered Node.js. It was a revelation: JavaScript everywhere! 

As he was continuously learning development, he started to make some freelance missions and side projects which never came out. As his real ambition was to make THE video game.

Recently he moved to Thailand, living a dream life and that’s where Deiva – War Online started to be coded. 

Hills falling in the ocean at sunset in Thailand
Hills falling in the ocean at sunset in Thailand
Deiva - War Online - Banner black and white
Deiva - War Online - Banner black and white

You all got that the writer of this story is me, Jean-Baptiste. Writing a part of my past was fun but not as much as writing my present.

I already spent around 1000 hours developing a prototype of Deiva – War Online. If you want to learn more about me, it’s time for you to watch my daily stream.

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