Why streaming gamedev has been the best decision ever in my last months

Live coding has been the best choice I made for a long time, maybe one of the best in my entire life… wrong idea 1: as a new streamer you will be alone I started live streaming the development of my master piece 5 weeks ago and it was a big turn in my way […]

Why OBS Studio is not recording the game audio ? (For Linux and Windows)

In this article I will show you quickly how to capture your game audio in good quality if for any reason you have no audio from your game while streaming or recording with OBS Studio. If you have desktop audio with a poor, bad and low audio quality then this article will help you to […]

Why OBS Studio is not recording the game audio on Windows?

how to record the game audio in obs ? From my research, windows issues with OBS can come from many sources. The first problem is that you don’t know what setting to change to get OBS recording the audio from your game. Your Mixer Panel is where you can set the volume of every audio […]

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